Who are you?

We are simple nursery owners living here in North Florida. We have been looking for a platform to promote our business that provided a great presentation at a fair price. You know as well as we do it simply does not exist. At that point the light bulb came on, we already had a server for our nursery websites and enjoyed designing, so why not create just what we’ve been searching for?
At that point we needed a name that reflected the fact that the customer would be in control of all the information being listed about their business and “Powered by You Directories” was born.
Through the ups and downs of business we have owned and tried to sell trucks, cars, boats, property, rental homes and have had a few garage sales. With this in mind we decided to create even more directories to help us all get through life together without the dreaded (now what do we do.)
You can see our online nursery stores here, Kens Nursery, Patio Plants, Our listing w/ video.

Why do you charge for listings?

a) For about the price of a burger and fries per month, you get a searchable listing with all the bells and whistles. As you know, most listing directories are loaded with advertising. Powered by You Directories sites are AD FREE. We feel ads are a major distraction, users are here only to view and interact with your listing, with this in mind we try to keep the listing package prices low while offering a multitude of features.

b) Content, Free listing sites are often more vulnerable to spam or false listings. Spammers can often quickly load these sites with misleading information, causing real listings to not be trusted.

c) Simplicity, Our listing packages are simple, a one time charge and your listing expires at the end of term. Nothing to do, nothing to worry about. Some listing sites offer free listings with auto-renew, which means you may get hit with big bills or hidden charges when you least expect it. The new norm for these sites is to give you a “totally free” listing only to hit you with a $1 per click charge. The math is easy, 1200 clicks a month x $1 = $1,200. That doesn’t sound so “totally free” does it?

d) We advertise for you. The Plant Directory is being promoted on the major search engines to draw in additional users, in addition to private websites like yours, if you have one. Please share us wherever and whenever you can or add links to your listing. Remember if we all work together on this project we all win. If you would like to help here are two small linked images that can be copied and pasted on your site.

Why do you only offer single listing packages

We only offer single listing packages to keep things simple. In the long run this will protect the average listing from being lost in the shuffle by bulk commercial listings.

Why do you only accept payment via PayPal?

For your security we only accept payments via PayPal. PayPal is one of the most secure checkout options available on the internet. PayPal allows us to focus our site development on Powered by You Directories. You should feel safe knowing that all payment processing information is done with PayPal’s secure checkout process.

Why don’t some of the site features work on my tablet or smartphone?

It is difficult to develop software that crosses over all browsers and devices. Our engineers work long hours developing cross-browser applications for Powered by You Directories, however it is nearly impossible to make all functions work smoothly between all platforms. We do try our best.

How can I list other items or services in a directory like this?

We are glad you asked. Just go to poweredbyyou.directory and you will find a variety of other listing platforms you may find helpful, everything from Local Business and Entertainment to Auto, Boat, RV and more.

Why did you not accept my listing?

Please read the terms of service agreement that you acknowledged at checkout. This site http://theplant.directory is solely for listing Plant Nursery related goods or services only and related to the specific categories listed on the site ONLY. All other listings are not permitted. We reserve the right to refuse any listing for reasons including, but not limited to quality, relevance and exceeding package image limits. See terms of service. You may want to go to poweredbyyou.directory and see your other options.

How do I make my listing look similar to your sample listing.

If you haven’t checked it out already, please click the link at the bottom of the page which reads “How to Write Your Ad” all information is provided along with a convenient quick start template.

I have ended my listing early is there some sort of refund I can get?

No. As stated in the Terms of Service, your purchase is non-refundable and if by chance your items are sold before the listing has expired or the listing is deleted rather than edited, as it shows at the top of your listings page, no refund will be issued for the remaining days of your package. Please read Terms of Service.

How do I report a website that appears to be fake or offensive?

There are two important links at the bottom of this page. For your safety you might want to read “Avoid Scams”. If you would like to report a listing that appears to be fraudulent, please select “Report a Listing”. We appreciate the help keeping this listing directory clean and accurate.

Still have questions?

Please read our terms of service, most questions will be answered there. If you still can’t find an answer contact us below.