You may want to print this page for reference while writing your listing.

You can view a sample listing here. For a pre-formatted description template and listing tips, click here.

Writing a Great Ad


Your Ad title is the first thing the customers will read. Write a title that will grab attention. Keep it precise and attempt to follow the guidelines above for best results. Long titles may not display properly on many devices.

Sharp Photos ONLY!!!

If the photos are sloppy, you appear sloppy and customers will move past your listing in seconds. Add ONLY sharp and clear nursery, plant, flower or business images to your listing. A picture says a thousand words couldn’t be more true. Do not load any photos of people unless you personally have a signed media release.


Be available and extend your phone hours to when most people will be off of work. 5 – 7 pm. This is when people begin to unwind and have more of an opportunity to think and make decisions.


Invite ad viewers to call and ask questions at the conclusion of your listing with a little bold type ie… Feel free to contact us TODAY with any questions about our plants.


Most importantly try to follow the template provided for uniformity and ease of use by the reader.


Proofreading is important – be sure to have your ad read out loud to ensure it makes sense and there are no errors.

Listing Page Form Field Descriptions